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  • Motorists Deaths – Matt Bruning – TSCP 14
    To reduce the recent surge in motorcyclist accidents and deaths, Matt Bruning, Press Secretary for the Ohio Department of Transportation recommends motorists use the DOUBLE HEAD CHECK when switching lanes. Before this labor day weekend, one of the most travelled weekends of the year, listen to this edifying chat about small changes we can all […]
  • Suicide – Peggy Cale – TSCP 13
    Peggy Cale is the Co-Chair of the Central Ohio Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Episode 13 – Small Changes: Avoid the term “commit suicide” because of a potential perceived negative connotation. Help remove the stigma of talking about suicide and around how suicide is talked about by saying “he/she died by suicide” […]
  • Plastic in the Oceans – Freddy Mafoofnick – Guest Host: Joey Baboozie – TSCP 12
    Guest host Joey Baboozie invites his DEAR friend Freddy Mafoofnick to discuss how to reduce plastic waste by not being such a lazy bastard. Small Changes, Episode 12: Shirt Baskets – It’s simple: when you go to the store, don’t use another bag and kill another beautiful baby dolphin. Instead, make your shirt into a […]
  • The Elderly Care Crisis – Daryl Twerdahl – TSCP 11
    Daryl Twerdahl is the executive director of St. Vincent Meals on Wheels in Westlake, Los Angeles. Small Changes, Episode 11: Chat up a senior Volunteer 2 hours a week at your local Meals on Wheels
  • Internet Addiction – Tanika Roy – TSCP 10
    Tanika Roy is a Marine Corps veteran and photographer in Los Angeles.  Episode 10 Small Changes 1.    Avoid media and social media for 1 hour after waking because it puts you into a reactive state. You are training your brain to be addicted to distraction for the rest of the day. 2. Consider how […]
  • Food Waste – Robert Egger – TSCP 09
    Robert Egger is the President of L.A. Kitchen, a non-profit culinary arts training school and community center. He is is a speaker and the author of the award winning book, Begging for Change: The Dollars and Sense of Making Nonprofits Responsive, Efficient, and Rewarding for All. Episode 9 Small Changes: Split meals when you eat […]
  • Your Mouth: Part 2 – Leanne Wright – TSCP 08
    Leanne Wright is a dental hygienist and musician in Palms, Los Angeles 1. Rinse your mouth out with water after you eat so there is little to no food left sitting on your teeth, keeping an acidic environment in your mouth. 2. Wait for 45-60 minutes after you’ve finished your meal before you brush your […]
  • Death – Laura Harden – TSCP 07
    Laura is a professional embalmer and mortician in Long Beach, California. She is also a history buff in the area of unique and unusual deaths. Small Changes: 1.    Have a conversation with your family about your wishes for your corpse and funeral arrangements. This removes apprehension and stress for your family when your time […]
  • Wellness and Fitness Part 2 – Riley Neldam – TSCP 06
    Fitness instructor and friend of the show Riley Neldam and I discuss how to be physically well by building up small habits. Small Changes for Episode 7: If you practice extended fasting (2-5 days, with supervision), try to stay somewhat active so you’re not focusing on it and may actually enjoy it. Pick up big […]
  • Crawling out of Millenial Poverty – Gregory Travis – TSCP 05
    Gregory Travis is a personal finance enthusiast, musician, artist, and the best waiter in Los Angeles. Small Changes, Episode 5:  1. Invest and keep it there 2. Open a savings account with and enjoy FIVE percent quarterly interest payouts 3. has many courses on financial literacy, some of them free 4. HUSTLE 5. If […]
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