Crawling out of Millenial Poverty – Gregory Travis – TSCP 05

Gregory Travis is a personal finance enthusiast, musician, artist, and the best waiter in Los Angeles.

Small Changes, Episode 5: 

1. Invest and keep it there

2. Open a savings account with and enjoy FIVE percent quarterly interest payouts

3. has many courses on financial literacy, some of them free


5. If you’re living at home, think like a capitalist —make a deal with your parents, don’t just mooch. There is a mutually beneficial deal in there somewhere. Maybe they could match your savings investments for a year and then you move out.

6. Work two jobs until you have 6K saved as an emergency fund. This gives you room to think and relax and make opportunities for yourself.

7. Download a compound interest calculator app and figure out how much you are saving by saving

8. Join a credit union to avoid fees

9. Consider investing in crypto currency because of low interest rates on stored valu

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